We do frontend and backend programming

We also perform end-to-end testing of existing websites and applications.
Company was founded in summer of 2013 on the base of a web development department of CreativePeople creative agency.

We will gladly help you to complete your tasks

Front-end development

Front-end is our passion. Interfaces, adaptive, scripts, animation — our team is working with all that on a daily basis. How they say, crossbrowsingly and validly.

We adore everything new, follow all technologies and «holy wars».


Our favorite abbreviations and terms:
  • React, Redux, AngularJS
  • ES6 and Webpack
  • Sass/Less/Stylus
  • HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery


At the moment of this text publication our pirates’ staff included three boarding teams of three dashing warriors. Each team works on two projects maximum at the same time.

Work principals

A team of minimum three specialists works on each project: two front-end developers and a tester. Interchangeability and reliability is our credo.

In work we are not only guided by common sense, but also by original system of rules and standards developed based on our best practices.

We only do front-end costs calculation based on ready layouts or in the worst-case scenario based on your prototypes. We’ve already done enough guessing:)

We account our working time and know on what task exactly every 15 minutes were spent on. And we provide a time-based report.

Web site support and development

If your website was created with PHP, we can help you support and develop it. Our team has experience in most popular CMS and frameworks and can easily solve daily administrative tasks as well as develop new components and modules.

In 2015 we supported and developed a dozen of very different projects. The largest was and still is Thomas Munz online-shop, for which we already spent over 3000 hours of design, backend development, frontend development and testing. Interested? Send us your request for the support.

And remember, even the most «twisted» sites have a chance to become right.

Special offer
for agencies and web-studios

We know what quality outsourcing means. Contact us and we will discuss conditions of cooperation. CreativePeople, Scada, Partmedia and many others already are our clients.

We shed light on SLA

It’s very important for the relationship between the client and the outsourcer to be transparent and clear. SLA is a way to regulate this relationship.

We create SLA based on business requirements of a particular client. In this document we describe the level of service that we are committed to provide: conditions of service availability, its timing and parameters, communications format, warranties and everything else that will allow us to do the job on the highest level.

Our experts have been tested in the most harsh conditions.

Key employees have 8+ years of experience in the industry.

Meet our team

Works in web-development over 10 years. Many times award winner of different festivals and contests (Rating Runeta, Golden website etc.) as project manager. Speaker of web conferences, business coach. Co-founder of CreativePeople creative agency. Bicyclist, snowboarder, wakeboarder and mountain conqueror :)

For many years was the head of Frontend and backend development department in CreativePeople, proceeds with the same at Piratecode. Works more then 10 years in web development. Can jump of a 15-meter cliff. Drives a jeep, a van and a motocycle.

Likes unusual tasks and interesting approaches to them. Prefers to relax his mind on fresh air with BBQ, away from the city.

Develops websites on 1C-Bitrix inappropriately long (6 years). Almost two years with «pirates». Happy family guy with lop-eared cat and pug-dog.

Made countless amount of bug-lists, causing nightmares for developers. Works almost 3 years with CreativePeople and Piratecode.

Engaged in design for more then 5 years, 2 of which he dedicated to graphic design, other 3 — to interactive. In pirates team he is the first and only designer, which makes him especialy valuable.

Businessman at heart. Was a co-founder of a hostel, had on of the best bars in Sevastopol and now turned to digital. Joined the ranks only recently, but has already proven himself in out tricky business.
Always positive and smiley in our team.

Works as project manager over 5 years online as well as offline. Over a year with Pirates and already got pirates spirit. Loves his wife, sea, work and car.

Managed internet projects in publishing company for 4 years, then crossed to agency’s side and for another 3 years managed CreativePeople projects. Recently started to work on website support and development department in Piratecode. Main specialization: complex solutions for e-commerce, analytics and traffic management.

Has only 3 years in web development, but he is already very daring. Wordpress specialist of the company.
Has a three-colored cat.

Started to works in web-site development recently, since September, 2013. Specializes in Yii 1 and 2. Likes coding and really enjoys when there is plenty of such work. Has a wife, one year-old son and a dog.

Moves pixels thoughtfully and writes scripts already for 6 years. Head ideologist of systematizaton and standartization in pirates team. Runs fast and drives a bicycle.

The biggest part of his frontend career passed in Piratecode. Started as cabin boy, he turned into a brave sailor. Loves his wife, swimming and singing as well as reading.

Doing frontend development for over 3 years. Except for js, css and less/scss likes sport activities and poker games.

Very responsible and puts efforts into constant professional growth. From his point of view — there are no unsolvable tasks, there are just interesting and unusual tasks. Likes to travel, camping and sports, especially ping-pong. Dreams about a flight on a jet.

Descendant of Russified noble German clan of Krusensterns. Ivan Feodorovitch was a participant of the first Russian sail round the world in 1803-1806 on «Nadezhda» and «Neva» ships. According to his contemporaries, Krusenstern stood out among the others, was athletic and by impressive measurements of his shoulder girdle and Herculean chest excelled the strongest sailors of the expedition that he headed.

We continue to recruit the best team in Sevastopol

We’re looking not for rookies, but for real sea lions

What we offer

  • Competitive salary Salary varies, and its grand total is discussed individually and can be very attractive.
  • Interesting projects You’ll have a chance to work on corporate, e-commerce and promotional websites for Russian and international companies.
  • Teamwork You’ll be a part of professional team with many opportunities to improve your skills.
Send you CV to

During our short sail we encountered lots of interesting and exciting projects.

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Website for the telecommunication company

Provided services:

  • Back-end programming


  • 1C-Bitrix «Standard»

Project features:

  • geotargeting
  • short mobile version
Made for CreativePeople Made for CreativePeople

The Trench

Website for the package designers

Provided services:

  • Frontend developing
  • Backend programming


  • 1C-Bitrix «Standard»

Project features:

  • partially adaptive frontend
  • multilingual
  • unification of old and new websites
Made for Besapiens Made for Besapiens


Site for the system integrator

Provided services:

  • Backend programming


  • 1C-Bitrix «Standard»

Project features:

  • comply with SEO-optimization requirements
Made for CreativePeople Made for CreativePeople

Digital Bay

Digital Bay is a series of events (conferences, seminars and business classes) aimed at forming a community of Web professionals in Sevastopol.

In November, 2014 we hosted the event which we are very proud of. Digital Bay #1 became a unique conference for web-developers of Sevastopol. Great speakers, lots of useful information and acquaintances, over 120 participants.

More about the conference on it’s own website

Go to the website of the conference
See more
Kulakova St., 57
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  • Sevastopol, Kulakova St., 57
  • Moscow, B. Kazennyy per., 1

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